Blood Tests

Where to get an NHS Blood Test in Stafford

There are a number of places to get an NHS Blood Test in Stafford and the surrounding area. Here are a few options for local Phlebotomy.

To book a blood test in Stafford visit or call 01782 674242

Please note the following important information

All clinics are currently APPOINTMENT ONLY. To aid social distancing please attend as close to your appointment time as possible. Please attend alone with the exception of essential carers.

Please DO NOT attend if you have:

- a new continuous cough
- a high temperature
- a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia)

If you have any of the above please re book no sooner than 7 days from the onset of the symptoms.

You will not be seen without a PAPER blood test request from your doctor. The blood test request must include the correct details for:

‍Your full name

-Your address, including postcode‍

- Your date of birth

What is a Blood Test?

A blood test involves drawing a blood sample for laboratory analysis. These tests are a standard part of healthcare and can serve numerous purposes. They can help evaluate your overall health, confirm if an infection is bacterial or viral, monitor organ function like the liver and kidneys, and even screen for genetic conditions. This service is available at our surgery for patients who are 16 years old and above, and it usually takes just a few minutes.

How to prepare for a Blood Test

Before your blood test, the GP or Nurse who requested the test will provide any necessary instructions. Depending on the specific test, you might need to fast (refrain from eating or drinking anything except water), or temporarily stop taking certain medications. For fasting blood tests, we generally recommend not consuming anything except water after 10pm the night before.

How does a Blood Test work?

The process of obtaining a blood sample is straightforward. The phlebotomist will first verify your personal details, including your name, date of birth, and address. Then, a tight band, or tourniquet, will be placed around your upper arm to slow the blood flow and cause the vein to fill with blood, making it easier to draw a sample. The phlebotomist will select an appropriate vein (usually on the inside of the elbow) and insert the needle. You might feel a slight prick, but it shouldn't be painful. If you're uncomfortable with needles, let the phlebotomist know so they can help ease your anxiety. If you feel faint at any point, inform the phlebotomist immediately.

Once the sample is collected, the needle will be safely discarded. You'll be asked to press a cotton-wool pad against the small puncture site for a few minutes to stop any bleeding and prevent bruising. Afterwards, a small plaster will be applied to keep the area clean and ward off infection.

How long do Blood Test results take?

Test results typically take between 5 to 7 days to come back, although some may take longer. Your GP or Nurse will let you know if a follow-up appointment is necessary when they request the test.