Pharmacists can give you advice on a range of conditions and suggest medicines you can buy that can help. They may also be able to offer treatment for some conditions, without you needing to see a GP, including earache, impetigo, infected insect bites, shingles, sinusitis, sore throat, and urinary tract infections. Visit the NHS website to find your nearest pharmacy.

Pharmacy Name Phone Number
Tesco Pharmacy 01785 791410
Well Pharmacy 01785 242689
West Way Pharmacy 01785 258924
Pyramid Pharmacy (Millbank) 01785 225851
Wolverhampton Road Pharmacy 01785 258181
Superdrug Pharmacy 01785 211753
Boots Pharmacy 01785 251208
Asda Pharmacy 01785 782010
Boots Pharmacy (Queens) 01785 245736
Pyramid Pharmacy (Marston Road) 01785 212707